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HoMe Of ThE KrAzY OnE
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My Life In Words
Here you see who I am,
My thoughts and feelings in this pen.
Here you see what I am like,
Not what you see but what I hide.
Here you see why I lie,
Why people can't see what's inside.
Here you see what I'm about,
What I think about when no one is around.
Here you see what's in my mind,
My constant thoughts of death and life.
Here you see all of me,
My life in words for you to read.'s been seven long months since the site was last under construction. Going back to the basics. Will have the pictures up soon and new poems in October. Long time but will be well worth it.

This is my boy Kenny B.'s site. Check out his poems on my site and his. Best poet I know.

Check out this site. It's my little buddy Adam's band. Gonna be big someday. Laconia. Remember that name

Me and My Puppy

The site officially starts on the next page