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Ricky's Poems

All the old poems are pretty much gone. Hopefully I'll be able to write some good ones while I'm in Hawaii.

I Wanna...
I wanna go there,
I wanna be the one you love,
I wanna be the one you run to,
When somethin's goin' wrong.
I wanna be the one you treasure
For all of life.
I wanna be the one who always makes you happy.
I don't wanna be the one who makes you kry. 
I wanna be that special someone
You can count on all your life.
I wanna be the one who holds you
Deep into the night.
To be the one you give your heart to
Would make my life complete.
To be the one you love
Is all my life needs.

I think about my life
And how I don't want to live.
There's nothing in this world
Worth living for.
The only things I had
Are now gone.
Now I wish I kould die
So I won't suffer anymore.
I'd be rid of the school
And the people I hate.
I'd be rid of work
And those nights without a date.
I'd finally be free of everything
And anything that ever bothered me.
Still I can't leave this world I hate
Because so many lives
Would have to change.
I sit here and suffer
And think and debate
Of how many lives
It would actually change.
Would it be enough
To save me
Or should I set my pathetic soul free.
It's tearing me apart,
This internal debate,
Because I don't know
Which decision to make.
I guess I will
Just wait and see
And hope my end
Komes swiftly.

The Real Me
I'm sick of life.
I'm done with this.
I'm tired of covering up
My depression and sadness.
It's time to be the real me,
The one that no one ever sees,
The inner me full of pain and suffereing.
It feels liike a dagger going in my heart
Whenever I think of you
Yet I kan't tell you how I feel
Because I care for you.
I don't want you
To feel sorry for me,
And I don't want you
To treat me differently.
My kare is true
And the way I feel is real.
Yet you'll never be mine
Because you don't feel the same.
You say you like me
But I'm just a friend
Which I can respect
Because you have someone else.
Even though I know how you feel
I can't change my feelings for you.
You have my heart.
You have my soul.
All my feelings
Are in your control.
I wish there was someday to make you mine,
But I kan't so
So I might as well move on with life.
A heart that is torn and
A soul that is gone.
The one you knew
Isn't me anymore.
The real me
Is the one you see.
The one filled with pain and misery.

Suicidal Note
I hate my life
And everything in it.
I don't want to be here,
Not for one more minute.
I wish I was gone,
Out of this place.
I wish someone would kill me
Take me from a life of disgrace.
I want to forever be forgotten.
I want no one to remember my face.
I want to be a lost soul,
I hope to be a forgotten case.
Please help to free me
Take me from a place of misery.
I ask you for help to end my life
Because you are the one
who brought this upon me,
These feelings of sorrow
And wishes of death.

Be sure to check here frequently as new stuff will be added.