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Painful Remembrance II (Poem)

On a road trip
The first of their lives,
Everything had been so nice.
The sights and the memories,
The time spent together,
And the first time they spoke of love.
On the trip home the weather was bad
All around was snow,
All that could be seen was white land.
They thought they'd be fine
In their red sports car.
Deep into the night
His eyes started to cloe,
By the time he awoke
The car was already off the road.
He tried hard to stop it
But could only slide.
He saw a tree and began to panic,
His girlfriend, his one love,
He had to protect.
Struggling, he managed to turn the car right,
But not far enough
As the tree hit his side.
Immediately he checked on his love,
With only enough time to be sure she was fine,
He leaned back as black filled his sight.
She looked over to see why he won't move
And she saw the blood soaking his shirt.
She pulled out her phone
And called 9-1-1
Then told her boyfriend,
"Please, hold on!"
As the ambulance arrived
She jumped in the back.
The trip to the hospital was long,
They didn't know if he would last.
When they arrived
He was barely alive.
His chances were fading
As the minutes went by.
While in the waiting room
She called his parents,
"You need to come quick,
Thy don't know if he'll make it."
After surgery she entered his room,
He was lying there full of tubes.
She broke down in tears
And fell to her knees,
"All of this is because of me,
Because I was in the passenger seat.
Please be okay, I can't live without you.
I need you to stay here with me.
I love you, you're my only one,
The only one I could ever love."
All throught the night
She stayed by his side,
Never walked away,
Never let him out of sight.
As the sun began to shine
Light flooded the room,
And the gentle heat
Flowed through the window.
He opened his eyes
And looked over slowly.
She saw him move
And kissed him gently.
With tears in her eyes
She held his hand,
"Your parents are coming,
I just talked to them."
There was silence
As they watched one another.
The tears started flowing
As she began to speak.
"They don't know if you'll make it,
There's a lot of damage.
Nothing else can be done
Unless you make it to tomorrow.
Please don't leave me,
I don't want to be alone.
Why couldn't you take me with?
Why did you have to turn?"
His solemn look did not change.
During all that
His face stayed the same.
In a quiet voice,
What seemed like a whisper,
He spoke to her,
"I love you.
I had to protecet you form harm.
The car was turned to save you
Even if it brought me harm.
Just in case I don't make it,
Tell my family I love them,
And never forget how much I love you.
Never forget me.
Always remember my love,
My gentle kiss
And my soothing hug.
Promise you'll never forget me."
He closed his eyes to go to sleep.
His parents arrived one hour later,
"How is he?
Is he okay?
What did the doctors say?"
When they heard
His mother cried,
But his father lay silent
Except for a sigh.
In a tiny voice,
As if speaking to himself,
He spoke trying not to cry.
"He'll be okay.
He's too young to die.
He's strong, he'll survive."
The sun started to set
As the doctor entered the room.
He needed to take the girl for tests
That she had previously refused.
She wouldn't leave him alone
For fear of what she might lose.
It was late into the night when she returned.
She was okay,
Except for minor cuts and a bruise.
He opened his eyes one last time
And saw the three people by his side.
"I love you all, don't ever forget,
But to you please,
Never let your love end."
His eyes closed
As his life faded away.
They all cried
As their lives changed.
The body was flown
Back to his home town,
Where his friends and family
Gathered around.
Candles were lit
And prayers were said,
Not only for him
But for the girl who was next to him.
All she could say
As his body was buried was,
"Baby, don't worry,
I promise I'll always remember,
I'll always love you from now to forever."
They were so young,
Only seventeen,
Such a tragic event for her to see.
What she promised she meant to keep,
She'll never forget him,
She'll always be his.

The start to a story with a sad ending