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Premature Death (Poem)

He walked to the door
A rose in his hand
Go to ring the doorbell
But has a change in plans
Sees her there with someone else
His arms around her keeping her close
Feels the pain of betrayel
Deep within his heart
Mad that he showed up as a surprise
Throws the flower to the ground
With the note saying "Love you lots"
Gets in his car and speeds away
Heads back to his house
but gets a drink on the way
When she calls he doesn't want to talk
All he can say is go away
"You don't seem to understand
that you've been caught
That I was over there and I saw it all."
She calls the next day
Her voice shaking
"Was that you that left the rose at my door?"
"I saw it all!
I saw you and him!
I wanted to surprise you
But you wanted him!
This is your fault!
I blame you!
My death is gonna hang over you!"
He hangs up the phone,
She begins to cry
As she gets in her car to go to his house.
She gets to his house and runs to the door,
She rings the doorbell,
His mom answers the door.
"What's wrong with you?
You look upset?
Come sit down and tell me about it."
She runs past and up to his room,
Opens the door, screams,
And falls to her knees.
His mom runs up and sees her son
Hanging from his ceiling
With a note that says,
"I love you mom
You were my life,
But that girl killed me
By cheating on me with that guy."
She tries to explain
It wasn't her fault
The guy was her best friend
Whom he never saw.
He moved away before she met him,
And he only came back for a quick visit.
She never meant for anything to go wrong,
But he jumped to conclusions,
Conclusions that were wrong.
He ended his life due to false beliefs
And will never know the truth,
He will never know how much he means.

I think this one is pretty good for a suicidal poem