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Why (Poem)

The diary of a princess,
The story of her life.
Everyone wants her for their own,
But her feelings she's learned to hide.
To keep herself secluded
Would prevent the stabbing pain.
Yet to be alone is no better,
For she misses the feelings she once felt.
She walks across the room
And looks at the picture upon her desk.
It is the picture of the boy who left her
With hopes of being just friends.
She sits, slowly, down on her bed
And quietly begins to cry.
She remembers what she once had
And begins to ask herself why.
"Why did he leave me
And why do I cry?
Why do I still wish he was mine?"
She drifts off to sleep
With tears in her eyes,
And all she can think to herself is "why?".

I want to thank Tiff for this one. She's been the main focus in my writing lately.