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Looks on Life

Outlookz on life

Life. What is there to say about it. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. You just gotta take what it gives you and make the best of it. I mean sometimes it may seem like you're never really good enough but as long as you do everything as good as you can, it's good enough. If only people could understand that there is no such thing as perfection. There's always gonna be times when you can't do everything as good as people expect. Maybe they just set their expectations too high. Don't ever change for people. I mean, you can but only if the person is really worth changing your whole being for, you know? I know this from experience. I straightened up my entire life for one person. It threw everything off balance but I ended up with the best friend I could ever have. Also one of the best non-existent relationships ever. If you don't understand that then don't worry. I'm not expecting you to. Just remember to live life your way. Have your own rules and your own way of doin' things. Don't rely on other people to direct you. If you do that then you're not being yourself. You're not being true to yourself or the people you meet because they don't get to meet the real you. Life is all about individuality. Bein' your own person for your own reasons. Don't ever forget that.

Side note: Live life to the fullest. Take everything you can from it and cherish it. You never know when you may lose somethin' or someone you care about. Do everything you want and try new things. Don't be afraid. Bein' afraid limits your ability to enjoy life.