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A Dream Come True (Poem)

Live for the days that are here now.
Never let a single chance pass you by.
Everything you have today
Could be gone tomorrow.
Everyone you hold so dear
Could suddenly bring you sorrow.
Death and loss are parts of life,
While joy and happiness are alike.
Live to the fullest,
Carpe diem,
Always live like life will soon end.
Don't ever worry about taking a chance,
Just always think this day may be your last.
Never think there'll be tomorrow
Because tomorrow might never come.
Today may be the last chance
To do what you put off for so long.
Think about what you need,
What you want to do before you leave.
Everything comes to an end,
Even happiness doesn't last.
The only thing promised in life
Is that someday it will come to an end.
Everything else is up to you,
To do what you know you can do.
Dont let fears hold you back.
Just go on and take that chance.
Be whatever you want to be
And if you fail, continue that dream.
Never let someone say that you can't
Because there is always a way you can.
Go back to your childhood dream,
Before money was such an important thing,
An astronaut, doctor, firefighter, cop
A chef, or a racer or even a clown.
Back to the days of innocence
When dreams were simple and people honest.
Back to the days when dreams had no price,
Back to when you were told your dreams could be grasped.
Before people told you dreams were impossible to achieve,
And that is why they are called dreams.
Life is precious so live to the fullest
Have the time of your life everyday
Not just once every couple of years.
Never let loose the things that you love
For if you lose them now,
They may forever be gone.
And never wait for your chance to come
Fight for it
And make the chance be shown.
If you wait and hope, it may never come,
Because nothing in life is given without hope.
And nothing can be achieved without a base,
Without some sort of starting place.
Life is what dreams are made of
When thoughts are brought to life.
When little sparks of hope start a fire.
When you push that dream to its utmost limit
To the point where it's no longer a dream.
That's what makes life so great
When a dream can be achieved,
When somebody can do
What they for so long had seen.
True happiness can not be bought ,
Smiles and laughter are earned.
Just like love can not be taught,
But emotions can be learned.
Everything that we need to know,
We learn as children although we don't know.
That is why people say enjoy it while you can,
But people are wrong because childhood doesn't have to end.
Everyone grows up but only a lucky few
Remember what its like to play
And do what they like to do.
Only the ones who can stay the same,
Whose hopes and dreams can remain,
Those are the ones who experience life.
They dont just survive but live their life.
They know what its like to have fun,
To do what you want and still be an adult.
That's what I hope to be.
Because you see, that is my dream.
I hope to be one of the lucky few
Who enjoy life and dream the whole way through.

I don't know why I wrote this. I was listening to Green Day's Good Riddance and I just started to write. I think it turned out pretty good