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Painful Remembrance (Poem)

Sitting there thinking,
She's all alone,
She wants someone
She can call her own.
She wants someone
That will treat her right
She wants someone
To hold her when she cries.
She needs a best friend,
Someone to stay by her side
And someone to love her for all time.
She looks out her window,
And sees that it's night.
She looks at the stars,
They shine so bright.
Suddenly one drops from the sky,
She makes a wish
And she closes her eyes.
She drifts off into a peaceful sleep
As she waits for her dream to be seen.
During the night she has a dream,
And it's in this dream
That her wish becomes reality.
She's in the arms of her new friend.
She feels so special
As he holds her close to him.
She feels so safe, calm, relaxed.
She feels for the first time
The love of a friend.
She sees his face,
He looks so familiar.
His face is of someone she remembers.
As she looks harder
She begins to realize,
It's not his face she knows
It's only his eyes.
They're the eyes of someone
That she once knew,
The eyes of the one
That she gave her heart to.
She lost him all those years ago,
When the snow caused his car
To drift off the road.
All those nights in the hospital
Watching him lie there in pain,
Until the night his life faded away.
She awakens suddenly in a cold sweat,
As she remembers
What she had tried so hard to forget.
Her only true friend
And her on true love,
Her whole life diminished
In one painful moment.
The moment when he took his last breath
And his life came to an early end.
With one last sentence
His eyes closed never to open again.
His final words:
"Please never let your love for me end."

The first part of my only multi part poem