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The Story of a Child (Poem)

The first time he realized his life wasnt worth a thing,
Was when he was 12, A child in grade 7.
He wasnt liked by many, just a loyal few.
He was thought of as a loser. An outcast you may say.
He was called fat and ugly by so many.
So he relied on his personality
To get his few friends to stay.
Then the next year came, and things remained the same.
He was always made fun of.
People can be so mean.

This is when he decided his life needed to end.
He picked up his trusty knife and placed it upon his wrist.
While he began to start his end the phone began to ring.
It was one of  his close friends.
A girl whom he had loved, for she was always there for him,
Even when times were rough.
He answered the phone to hear her voice
And to tell her good-bye.
Yet she found out his sinister plan
And stopped it before it got far.
He never thought of death again until he hit grade 11.

This is when everything he hid
Became too much to keep inside.
He realized he shouldnt have stopped
What he started those years ago.
Even though the scar has faded,
His life is still not right.
He's sick of life; hes sick of this.
He's sick of all the stupid things.
He's tired of not being good enough for everyone.
He's tired of having everyone look down on him.
He's sick of all this shit he deals with
And he's sick of these people who fake feelings.
Itd be better if they were honest.
Just tell him you dont like him
And everything could be how it used to be.
He's sick of everything he ever had,
Nothing left is worth a thing.
He's sick of life and everything in it;
He's sick of what he has.

With that knife he doesn't care
How his life comes to an end.
Quick and painless or long and bloody
As long as it gets the job done.
This knife has become his new best friend,
The one he knows he can count on.
He would use a gun but thats too much mess
And hanging is definitely out.
Hanging would take too much effort
And he'd probably do it all wrong.
So he takes that knife and places it
Upon his bare and tightened wrist.
He closes his eyes so he doesn't see
The blood flow out of his veins.
As he puts pressure and lets the blade slide,
He feels it cut through his flesh.

Now all he sees is his life flash before his eyes.
Its torture, a cruel punishment for ending your life,
Because when you die all you see are the good things
And it makes you wish you wouldn't die today.
But its too late to rescue him
As he lies there on this bloody sea.
He waits silently and motionless
For his bloody end to come.
He feels the life begin fading from him
As his best friend drops in the sea;
The sea that started because of he.
He manages to write one last thing
Before he becomes too weak:
Tell my family and tell my friends
I loved them up until the end.
Until the moment I take that last breath
These people are all I ever had. 

So now he sits with little blood left
And his eyes start to fade to black.
Now everything he ever knew
Is a thing of the past.
With one last breath and one last twitch
His life is now no more.
Yet why is he here in this room
Looking at himself on the floor?
This undying hate for his life has tortured him to stay.
Heaven's gates are closed
And Hell has sent him away.
So now hes stuck in the middle;
In the place he wanted to escape,
To learn a powerful message:
Things weren't as bad as they could be.

He sits and sees his family discover his lifeless body
And the pain that he sees in their eyes
As they wonder what lead to his demise.
He sees how much he meant to them
And how much they meant to him
And he wishes he didnt leave that imperfect body of his.
He watches as they prepare for his funeral
And sees how much pain he caused.
Not just to his family but to all of his friends.

You see after his first attempt
He grew to be quite an exceptional person
Who the girls all came to love.
When he was at his stage in life when he was in bad shape,
He developed a personality that the girls all came to like.
So when he hit high school
And began to grow into shape,
He was the all around one.
He had the personality that all the girls just loved
And he now had a look that the girls all seemed to go for.
I guess you could say he became a pretty popular one,
To go from no one into a known someone
Made him feel good inside.
Then he started to realize
that his friends were all lies.
They didnt like him before,
Yet for some reason they like him now.
This was part of the reason for this teenage suicide.

At his funeral he began to see
How much he truly meant to everyone he sees.
All the girls he thought hated him
Showed up there in tears.
All the guys who he knew were there for him
All came to pay their last respects.
He wishes he could hug everyone,
One last time,
As they put his body in the grave.

Now a ghostly version of his former self
He walks around his grave
And he feels his spirit begin to get pulled under
By some unknown force.
While being pulled he passes through his body
And feels life momentarily.
Now on to his final destination;
The fiery gates of Hell.
You see he wasnt allowed to go at first
For he needed to learn a lesson:
Even though it may seem people dont care,
They always do.
Some people just dont show
How much they really love you.

This poem was originally intended for the poems page. There's two reasons it didn't get there. The first reason is because of how long it is. The second reason is because of the feedback I got on it. People seemed to really like it. So it got it'z own seperate page. Hope you enjoyed this one.