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The Friends Section

Ideology on what friendz are

One thing I've learned in life
Is you can always tell who your true friends are.
They're the ones that are gonna
Be there for you when you need them,
And support you no matter what.
They'll be the people you can count on
When times begin to get tough.
It's these things that seperate them
From your everyday friends.
It's what makes them special
Which I'm now just starting to get.
Close to graduation now
I start to realize
That the people who care the most
Will be the people who will cry.
The ones moving across the country
Or to a state a few hours away,
Those will be the ones I miss
Because those are my true friends.

I just realized that when you get close to graduation you learn who's gonna be there for you. I guess it's kinda late to be learning that, but at least I learned something.

Side Note: Don't ever leave your friends for a girlfriend/boyfriend. It's not worth it. For all you know that person could be out of your life within a week. It's better to lose one person than to lose all your friends. If it's a really good relationship then that person will understand that you need to be with your friends. That's all I gotta say.

I'm not even gonna try and put everyone's names up here because I know it would be impossible to thank everyone without forgetting people. So to all of you, the guys, girls, my family, my cousins, everyone who this relates to (you know who you are) thank you. Thank you for always being there when I needed you and thank you for always caring about me. You have all been the kinds of friends I needed to get me through everything that I been through. Some of you know better than others what goes on in my life but no matter what you know, just know that you always managed to help me.