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This is one of the most amazing bands I'e ever heard. Listen to them and you'll love them. Definately my favorite band


Who Is Yellowcard
   Ryan Key (Vocals and Guitar)
   Sean Mackin (Vocals and Violin)
   Ben Harper (Guitar)
   Longineu Parsons (Drums)
   Pete Mosely (Vocals and Bass)


1. Way Away
2. Breathing
3. Ocean Avenue
4. Empty Apartment
5. Life of a Salesman
6. Only One
7. Miles Apart
8. Twentythree
9. View From Heaven
10. Inside Out
11. Believe
12. One Year, Six Months
13. Back Home


1. Underdog
2. Avondale
3. Finish Line
4. Powder
5. Rocket


1. Star Struck
2. Drifting
3. Something Of Value
4. Trembling
5. Sureshot
6. Big Apple Heartbreak
7. Cigarette
8. October Nights
9. Rock Star Land
10. For Pete's Sake
11. A.W.O.L.


1. Lesson Learned
2. Time Will Tell
3. Sue
4. April 20th
5. Up Hill Both Ways
6. Kids
7. Doesn't Matter
8. Sorry Try Again
9. Anywhere But Here
10. On The Brink

Yellowcard's Official Website