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The Tribute (Poem)

I know how you're feeling,
That you are upset,
As if the sun over your world has set.
I know what it's like to be alone,
When what you feel,
It's as if no one knows.
I know why you feel this way,
It's how you feel when someone you care about
Just doesn't feel the same.
It may have seemed perfect,
Like a fully bloomed rose,
But even the most beautiful rose
Will have painful thorns.
You deserve to be treated
Like the wonderful person you are.
To be treated with love and affection
And not be shown any pain.
Do not be upset over one,
Instead know your friends are around,
And they will always be by your side.

I wrote this poem for my friend Tiffany. She means a lot to me. She was upset and this was the only thing I knew I could do. I care about you more than you know Tiff