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Urban Poets

These are poems that were written by me and Kenny. Take time and effort but worth it in the end.

Eyes Of Blue

It's off to dreamland
As I gaze into...
Your gorgeous,
Deep eyes of blue.

And it's in this dream
That I see,
You may also
Care about me.

While dreaming of your simple smile,
A wink and a kiss,
I realized never
Have I felt like this.

When I gaze into your eyes
I see all your beauty inside.
If I could just have on kiss,
My feelings I would no longer hide.

Now, all I feel is sorrow
As a sharp pain fills my heart.
It feels as if my heart has been pierced...
Pierced with a dart.

Please don't feel
I'm one big lie,
It's all the simple words
You tend to deny.

If only I could tell you,
If only you knew,
It was at the first glance
That I fell deeply in love with you.

So now, I know that what I see
Is only in this, my dream,
And now, I know that in reality
Dreams are sometimes not what they seem.

But I will not give up
On my love for you,
I will continue to try
Because I know my love is true.

So if you catch me gazing
Into those eyes of blue,
Please don't wake me
I'm dreaming of you.

Ignoring the Obvious

Such a happy, carefree life.
That's what people think
But beneath the laughter and the smiles
There's a secret inside, he keeps.

Suicidal tendencies
And constant thoughts of death;
Those are always on his mind
But are thoughts all he has to hide.
He keeps them inside so no one will know
The pain and anger in his soul.

Friends say, "Hey, how are you?"
I just smile and say,
"I'm fine, and yourself?"
And just pretend for a while.

This is how it is
My life, is one big lie
"Just hang on a little longer,"
Is what I tell myself
"I'm nearly home, there I can die."

Click, goes the key
As I open the door
I'm overwhelmed
I can't do this anymore.

The pain comes back all to soon
Unfortunately, this is my life
And I hate everything about it
I hate living in strife.

I'm sick of pretending
Lying and Stealing are my kind
But why don't you realize?
Are you all blind?

I'm in trouble here
I know I hide
But don't you see? ...
I'm dying inside!


I have a feeling
That few have felt
I see you're eyes
And start to melt

I patiently wait
To gain the nerve
To express the feelings
That you deserve

I've hidden my feelings
For way too long
It's grown too hard
They've grown too strong

I cannot explain
The way I feel
Just know one thing
They are for real

You brighten my day
You make it whole
You've captured my heart
You possess my soul

You make me smile
With a single glance
All I ask
Is give me a chance

But I've waited to long;
My chance has passed.
I lost what I wanted
Because I couldn't ask.

You're everything to me
But you will never know.
All you know is what you were told
And that is not enough.

You need to be showered
With gifts and flowers,
And taken on dates
That were carefully planned.

I try so hard to let you know
But I just can't tell you.
Now I have to fight myself
To make the truth be known.

You have my heart,
My feelings are all for you.
You have my soul,
I'd die for you.

I tell no lies
Of how I feel.
Nor do I lie
About how much you mean.

I hope one day
You'll give me a chance,
To show you how great
And loving I can be.

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