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The Yippies

Glossary of People, Groups, and Terms

The Chicago Police Riot - The riot of police and protesters that took place during the Democratic Convention.

The Chicago Seven - Seven leaders of the protesters at Chicago that were tried for causing the riot during the Democratic Convention.

Free Speech Movement (FSM) - A movement at the University of California that started when the University banned demonstrations on campus.  After the University lifted the ban, the FSM later became the Vietnam Day Committee to protest the Vietnam War.

Abbie Hoffman - Leader of the Yippies (or Youth International Party, YIP)

Eugene McCarthy - A U.S. Senator who ran in the Democratic Primary in 1968.  Many student protesters, especially the ones who were too young to vote, were nicknamed "McCarthy Kids" since McCarthy campaigned to end the war.

Operation Chaos - Operation carried out by the CIA to monitor the anti-war protesters.  (At the time, it was widely thought that the protesters were backed by Communists.)

The Pentagon Papers - A top-secret government report about the United State's involvement in Indochina that was leaked out and published by the Washington Post.

The Plumbers - A group that Nixon used to stop intelligence "leaks."  He used the Plumbers to try to clean up the Pentagon Papers and later to clean up his Watergate mess.

The Port Huron Statement - The manifesto of the SDS which explained their views, ideals, and goals.

Mario Savio - The Leader of the Free Speech Movement

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) - A protest group founded in 1962 that supported equal rights, activism, and individualism.  It later broke up because leaders could not decide whether they should also attack the war.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) - A protest group made up of servicemen and woman who had already fought in the war.  The VVAW sponsored several events, including the Winter Soldier Investigation and Dewey Canyon III.

The Weathermen - A small protest group that formed after the SDS broke up in 1969.  They were the most radical faction, as they did not hesitate to resort to violence and bombings.

"The Whole World's Watching" - A phrase associated with the Democratic Convention of 1968 in Chicago when protesters realized how much press coverage they were getting.

The Winter Soldier Investigation - While it wasn't an official investigation, it was a widely publicized event sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War that showed the brutal and disturbing practices of the U.S. Military in Vietnam.

Yippies also YIP (Youth International Party) - A major anti-war group that is known for protests that were out of the ordinary.  Some examples include their attempts to levitate the Pentagon and their presence at the Democratic Convention, where they nominated a pig for President.